Pen Lover Boutique was born in 1992 from an idea of Juri Giambelli, the founder of the project, aimed to make a successful business out of his passion for writing tools.

Since its foundation, Pen Lover Boutique’s goal has been to help collectors worldwide find old-fashioned and limited-edition pens, such as rare-to-find and out-of-stock pieces.

For this reason, Pen Lover Boutique is far from the classic e-commerce: our website is a meeting point for collectors sharing the same intense passion for the age-old art of writing. Here, collectors can share their unique pieces by selling and buying them supported by our vicennial experience in customer care and business relationships.

If you are looking for a virtual place where to find unique pieces with a 100% quality and originality guarantee, supported by experts’ advice, Pen Lover Boutique is the best option available on the internet.

Join our community and feel free to get in touch with us even just for sharing your passion for unique writing instruments!