Montblanc John Harrison Skeleton Prototype fountain pen

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Rarity: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ PLUS

Limited edition: One pieces ever made at the world

Nib size: Medium

Accessories: Only pen, with standard Montblanc box

Conditions: In mint condition, never inked


This is the unique Skeleton Prototype that ever left Montblanc Hamburg Headquarter: usually all these prototype are destroyed after the pens production but this one is a special pen.

This was the retirement gift that Montblanc made to the ex CTO that worked in the company for more than 25 years, and the John Harrison was the model that he considered his best masterpiece.

This is why Montblanc gifted him this prototype made in steel, and creating also a personalized nib where they draw an Unimog Mercedes truck with plate number, the favourite piece of the CTO's cars collection. On the nib you can see also his personal signature.

This pen will be the only one Skeleton prototype that you'll ever see in your life, and is your occasion to buy a real 1/1 Montblanc pens without spend more than 1 million of euro, that is usually the cost of a unique piece made from Montblanc.

The pen have an official Montblanc certification released from the Montblanc technical department where they certify that the pen is 100% original and a real unique piece.